With Existing Methods

It takes one student one full year to learn basics of braille literacy (reading, writing, typing) under constant supervision.

Constant teacher supervision and handholding
ancient methods
Primitive methods that result in slow learning
non interactive content
Non-interactive content keeps the students disinterested and unmotivated

For Guardians

  • Lack of Awareness
  • There's a shortage of special educators
  • Guardians are unable to participate in the learning and development of the child

For Governments

  • The increase in SEN budgets is not proportional to the growth of number of pupils with high needs
  • Training and hiring special educators to plug the gap is both expensive and time taking

The Solution

Image of Annie

Annie is the world’s first self-learning device for Braille literacy.

Packed with gamified and interactive content, Annie makes learning braille fun.
The tactile hardware modules tailored to teach, coupled with a soft human voice guiding students through lessons eliminates the need for handholding and constant supervision.
Annie evaluates answers given by the students instantly and gives smart corrective feedback.

Without Annie

image of a teacher teaching one student without annie

One teacher can only teach one student at a time.

image of a teacher teaching a bunch of student at the same time

Multiple students can learn simultaneously at any given time!