The Need

The Braille literacy rate around the world is abysmal.

braille literacy rates around the world 10% in United States, 4% in United Kingdom, 1% in India.

Literacy rate correlates to employability and affects the economy.

The Solution

Annie is the world’s first self learning braille device for the visually impaired.

annie describing features like hardware modules tailored to teach, instant feedback, soft human voice, automatic evaulation, gamified real world outcomes, engaging and interactive content.

Annie enables a student to learn to read, write and type braille on their own. Through the companion app a teacher can monitor real time progress of the student, schedule tests and homeworks. Local authorities can evaluate, analyse, compare and remedy a group of students through the cloud platform.

Annie launched globally at VIEW Conference 2018

Birmingham, March, 2018

Annie was launched globally during the VIEW Conference, Birmingham, in March, 2018. The device garnered great interest from the attendee QTVIs who received Annie with enthusiasm after using it themselves.

Having been recognised as one of the best practices in teaching Braille, the Thinkerbell Labs team has been invited to conduct a workshop on Annie for QTVIs at the Wales Assistive Tech Day at Cwmbran on 28th September, 2018.

Annie’s most distinguished users are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who learnt to type ‘George’ in Braille!

Thinkerbell team demoing Annie to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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"This is a revolutionary device for raising Braille literacy numbers."
Dr. Louis Marandi
Minister of minority and social welfare and women and children development
"The kids are loving it. As teachers, we are able to supervise many kids as they learn at the same time. Also great support by Thinkerbell Labs team to ensure smooth functioning so far."
Mr. Rauvish Kumar
Headmaster, Harmu Government Blind School, Ranchi
"Thanks to ThinkerBell Labs and District Innovation Fund it is a meaningful change in the lives of those that need it most."
Mr. Rai Mahimapat Ray
District Magistrate, Collector & Deputy Commissioner, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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