Packed with gamified and interactive content, Annie makes learning braille fun. The tactile hardware modules tailored to teach, coupled with a soft human voice guiding students through lessons eliminates the need for handholding and constant supervision.

Annie evaluates answers given by the students instantly and gives smart corrective feedback.

typing on annie


  • Twin large braille cells to introduce the child to braille.
  • Six standard-sized braille cells cover all primary learning needs including contractions.
self learning on annie


  • Universal design based on the standard brailler.
  • Soft keys that are much easier to press than those of a mechanical typewriter.
reading on annie


  • First-of-its-kind braille slate is paper free.
  • Digitized output gives instant feedback and makes evaulation easy.
audio on annie

Interactive Content

  • Annie accomplishes these outcomes through gamified content, challenges and tests.
  • Built in speakers provide the perfect acoustics.
  • Curated content suitable for all age groups
safety on annie


  • Annie lets children play & learn braille by themselves.
  • Assign homework and schedule tests for your child to complete at their own pace.
usage and analytics on annie

User Friendly

  • Annie is light-weight and easy to handle.
  • Curated content suitable for all age groups.

Companion App

Generate reports, Schedule tests and homework.

Annie’s companion app enables teachers and parents to:

  • Track student’s progress
  • Schedule tests & homework
  • Create & customize content
  • Generate performance reports
image of companion app

Analytics Platform

image of analytics platform showing overview of progress to a SEN co-ordinator

Compare, evaluate, analyze, and remedy the performance of a group of students.

  • Visualise insights from usage history.
  • Track performance of multiple students at a time.
  • Compare results and identify the areas of focus.

Get Annie

Annie (device) is available for an early bird price of $799.

Annie Suite (Access to software tools, and ever increasing library of content and games) is free for one year, post which it's available at $149 per annum.

photo of annie
annies kept on tables in the lab in ranchi, india
Annie Lab Setup in Ranchi
annie being used by kids in ranchi, india
Child listening to Annie and waiting to press a key based on the interactive content
kid assisted by professor while using annie
Teacher helping a child out with Annie
image of annie being used by kids in ranchi, india
Children indulged with lessons on Annie
image of annie being used by kids in ranchi, india
Minister of social welfare and children development being given a demo of Annie by District Collector of Ranchi and Thinkerbell Team
image of annie being used by kids in ranchi, india
Child typing on Annie's soft keyboard