annie being demoed to minister of welfare and children

Minister of minority and social welfare and women and children development, Dr. Louis Marandi and District Collector & Deputy Commissioner, Ranchi, Mr. Rai Mahimapat Ray inagurating Annie at Rajyakrit Netrahin Madhya Vidyalaya, Ranchi

India's first Braille Smart Class

Rajyakrit Netrahin Madhya Vidyalaya, Harmu, Ranchi, Jharkhand


typing on annie

The Government school for blind in Ranchi has 24 visually impaired students aged between 6-18 years.

These 24 students each are taught for 60 minutes by 2 teachers.

This meant that students would receive only 5 minutes of hand-holding and personal attention. This is inadequate for learning Braille.

Students were spending the remaining time either waiting or attempting exercises with minimal feedback.

This teaching method was inefficient for attaining the required learning outcomes and demotivated both the teachers and the students.

This is the story of many schools in India.

Problems Identified

The unfavorable student to teacher ratio led to the students receiving inadequate supervision.

The lack of interactive content failed to pique the student’s interest and keep them engaged. As a result of this, students were taking longer to learn Braille.

These learning outcomes did not align with what the dedicated teachers set out to achieve.

typing on annie

The Solution

typing on annie

To address the pain points of both the teachers and the students, India’s first Braille smart class was deployed in Ranchi.

20 Annie devices were set up to teach braille to the 24 visually impaired students in the school.

Their user profiles were created to help their teachers track their usage and monitor their progress through lessons and tests.

A server was set up to sync with the user progress data and release over-the-air content and software updates.

The Result

The response of the 24 students has been overwhelmingly positive. The younger students especially are showing great enthusiasm in using the devices to learn.

Teachers could now view students' usage and track their progress.

Annie was received with great enthusiasm by the teachers as they could now monitor 24 students at the same time and achieve the learning outcomes.

typing on annie

Since the Deployment


Hours learned


Average minutes per user per day


Total sessions*

*A session is the measure of uninterrupted usage of Annie.

This is a revolutionary device for raising Braille literacy numbers.

Dr. Louis Marandi

Minister of minority and social welfare and women and children development

The kids are loving it. As teachers, we are able to supervise many kids as they learn at the same time. Also great support by Thinkerbell Labs team to ensure smooth functioning so far.

Mr. Rauvish Kumar

Headmaster, Harmu Government Blind School, Ranchi

Thanks to Thinkerbell Labs and District Innovation Fund it is a meaningful change in the lives of those that need it most.

Mr. Rai Mahimapat Ray

District Magistrate, Collector & Deputy Commissioner, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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Annie Suite (Access to software tools, and ever increasing library of content and games) is free for one year, post which it's available at £100 per annum.

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annies kept on tables in the lab in ranchi, india

Annie Lab Setup in Ranchi

annie being used by kids in ranchi, india

Child listening to Annie and waiting to press a key based on the interactive content

kid assisted by professor while using annie

Teacher helping a child out with Annie

image of annie being used by kids in ranchi, india

Children indulged with lessons on Annie

image of annie being used by kids in ranchi, india

Minister of social welfare and children development being given a demo of Annie by District Collector of Ranchi and Thinkerbell Team

image of annie being used by kids in ranchi, india

Child typing on Annie's soft keyboard