Four Years of Thinkerbell Labs Driving Braille Literacy (and What's to Come)

Braille Jun 16, 2020

A lot can happen in four years. At Thinkerbell Labs, we've built our company from scratch while working tirelessly towards our mission of inclusive education. In building Annie, the world's first Braille self-learning device, we've also had many exciting experiences in building our organization. Here’s a quick look at what that journey's been like:

Annie started as a simple prototype with a single Braille cell and an alphabet song. Now it's a comprehensive Braille learning device, with students being able to learn reading, writing, and typing through interactive lessons in 5 languages across Grade 1 and Grade 2 braille, and enjoy hours of multiplayer games. Along the way, Thinkerbell Labs has grown in many ways, and we're set to go even further.

If you're yet to be a part of the Thinkerbell journey, Annie can be an incredible tool towards Braille literacy. And watch this space to keep up with our work - we've got a lot of experiences and lessons to share soon!


Sanskriti Dawle

Founder and CEO

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